Bakery & Company
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Bakery & Company is a leading quality provider of specialty bakery and confectionary products with professional catering solutions. We supply and deliver products to individuals, institutions, companies, cafe's as well as homes to suit requirements in unlimited quantities up to personal daily needs at

We offer s complete range of freshly bakes pastries that ara created using a belnd of traditional & modern recipes.

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Special Cakes

B & C can create the cake of your dreams, whether traditional or contemporary it will be unforgettable.

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Light & Healthy

We offer a variety of fresh traditional green vegetables, pasta, legumes, eiher mixed w/ meats or fish.

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We have the traditional Italian cookie trays and mouth watering muffin that are perfect for any occasion.

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Fresh Sandwiches

Our sandwiches is modestly made of world’s favorite and natural fillings between two pieces of fresh breads.

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Sweet Donuts

Freshly made donuts come from as special revipe to keep a tender yet prevailing feeling to appeal the senses of donut

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